Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Party Like A Rockstar!

I've had the pleasure of helping out a friend as she's planing a bachelorette party for one of her friends.  She gave me total design freedom to help design some things for the party and it was a total blast.  I'm loving the colors and fun rockstar vibe of it all!!! 

I covered and designed a box (which will hold all their crazy tasks they must complete during a night out on the town)- SO FUN!

I also designed name tags for them to wear lanyard-style around their necks with pink ribbon, these have got to be my fave!  Fairly simple project, just Googled some images of crowns and splatters, used a bit of Photoshop, and they were completed!

I hope this party ROCKS!!!


jenstillinak said...

You are so creative! Your friend is very lucky to have you to help her, this is awesome!

Damon said...

those were really cool to watch ya make babe....always creative.